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EcoSelect Furniture

classic furniture for a greener world

Our top-quality leather and hemp fabric furniture is made with renewable and sustainable products, locally supplied and manufactured using environmentally-friendly practices. Each handmade piece of living room furniture is of high quality, manufactured in the USA, and priced at or below similar brand name styles. We’re a family-owned business based in the Carolinas, with the knowledge to craft custom-made furniture in the classic, traditional styles, with all-natural, chemical-free materials.



All of our furniture is manufactured in the USA and is made with the finest resources available, almost entirely from local suppliers. The majority of our materials are sustainable, recycled or recyclable. Hardwoods used are from certified and sustainable forests following strict guidelines; timber is never harvested from our National forests. All leather is from a certified tannery, while hemp supplies come from subsistence farmers, and is processed locally.



Select from 12 colors (six in leather, six in hemp fabric), five foot options, and a functional ottoman to match any collection. We can make most collections into a two-position reclining lounger chair or sofa-sleeper with a eco-friendly mattress. If that’s not enough, contact us for more options about available customizations. Normally, furniture orders take approximately 4-6 weeks to deliver, but could be longer based on customizations, fabric, product and component availability.



Every piece of green living room furniture is made by proud craftspeople from family-owned businesses. We only select fine top-grade leather, which is processed using tanning solutions that are recycled or biodegradable. Our soft, but durable hemp fabrics are dyed and woven in the USA using eco-friendly materials and practices to minimize carbon-based energy use. We use soy-based foam padding that's never been treated with toxic flame-retardant chemicals.



Customers receive the benefits of many years of industry experience, judging and creating quality, high-value furniture at below cost and in good conscience. All eco-friendly furniture products are brought to you by reducing overseas costs, cutting out the middlemen and high mark-ups, and are available to you at the same or lower price than similar styles from known luxury and large retailer brands. And, since only hardwood frames are used, each piece comes with a lifetime warranty.