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Our Eco-friendly policy:

How do you know your leather and fabric is environmentally friendly?
We have certification from our leather suppliers and monitor them periodically to insure that the leathers supplied to us meet the criteria we specified and they agreed to. Our hemp fabric supplier has also provided certification that the processing of the hemp is done in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, hemp is widely known as a more environmentally friendly product than cotton since it requires much less fertilizer and virtually no herbicides and pesticides. It also takes much less water per acre than cotton. It grows in a much wider climate range making it desirable as a crop for small farmers in developing countries.

What other components are environmentally friendly?
Our frames are made from locally grown solid maple and poplar wood -- no plywood is used. That reduces the impact of transportation, and all wood is from lumber mills that follow environmental practices and purchase from suppliers with sustainable forestry practices, none from National forests. We also use a foam product called Bio-foam that is 20% soy based material. As the foam suppliers learn to increase that amount, we will adopt that enhanced product.

What about your packaging?
We use recycled cardboard for our packaging and strive to minimize the amount of packaging consistent with effective protection of your chair while in transit. The fact that our factory is located in North Carolina, means that the transportation impact is much less than the furniture made in Asia, or even furniture that is assembled locally from components sourced in Asia.

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