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EcoSelect Furniture, Classic Furniture for a Greener World

Our Furniture is Made in the USA and We are Proud of It!
Based and manufactured in the Carolina's, this family-own business was established in 1992.


EcoSelect Furniture uses:

  • Hardwoods from certified forests right here in the US that follow strict guidelines for sustainability and conservation.
  • USA grown cotton (some of organic!)
  • Certified Eco-Friendly Leather
  • Soy-based foam for our cushions
  • Natural Hemp fabric that is the most environmentally-friendly fabric available

The inside of our pieces is as lovely as the outside. We use the finest resources available, almost entirely from local suppliers, and the majority of our materials are sustainable, recycled or recyclable.

eco-friendly-furniture-3EcoSelect was created out of the belief that having the good life, living a good life, and providing a good life for future generations are not mutually exclusive goals.

After 30 years of manufacturing and marketing furniture, I’ve seen the industry change dramatically. When a large, proud historic company chooses to close their factories in the US, and abandon the strategies that made them great to chase the lowest price it is frustrating to watch.

eco-furniture-1We’ve probably all seen safety and environmental recalls for many products that are created by Asian manufacturers responding to the demand for cheaper products, which in turn makes them mistreat their employees, neglect the environment, use the least expensive raw materials possible, and practice the lowest requirements for safety and environmental responsibility. It is as an alternative to these practices that EcoSelect Furniture was created.

Recently I was introduced to a small North Carolina manufacturer, which has been family run for the last 20 years. It was started to provide the highest quality products for its customers and maintains employment for local craftspeople in a family-friendly environment.

eco-friendly-furniture-2The factory has quietly been in the forefront of the environmental movement without a lot of fanfare, and it refuses to exploit the “green-washing” hype that has become rampant among many manufacturers and retailers. For me personally, creating this business and joining the efforts of two families is the culmination of my 30 year career in the furniture industry I love.

Thus, EcoSelect Furniture was born to confirm that there truly is a clientele who’s interested in living with products that are gentle on our planet, but still want to have quality products that represent their lifestyle.

eco-friendly-furniture-4To accomplish this goal, we’ve created an arrangement to provide high-quality environmentally-conscious leather and fabric living room furniture that represents excellent value. Each piece of EcoSelect Furniture is comparable to high-end products that have longer distribution channel costs, a much greater carbon footprint built in to their selling price, as well as ecologically devastating materials and processes.

EcoSelect Furniture stands for the belief that we can find and supply environmentally friendly furniture products that will provide long-term comfort and style for you and your friends, and is a smart investment for future generations.

About Kenneth Fonville, CEO

Mr. Fonville has many years of experience in the furniture industry. He started his furniture career with Thomasville Furniture where he had a variety of sales and marketing positions. He was recruited to Bernhardt Furniture Industries, the family owned company in western North Carolina where he was the Vice President in charge of residential wood furniture. He then became the Sr. Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Drexel-Heritage Furniture, a Masco owned company at the time.

Recruited to become President and CEO of Hood Furniture, also a family owned company, he moved to Jackson, MS. Mr. Fonville finished his corporate career with 6 years as President of Pennsylvania House Furniture in Lewisburg, PA, which was sold to La-Z-Boy. Since then he has consulted for a number of companies.

His experience has enabled him to select and understand high quality furniture and to manage the manufacturing processes necessary to consistently make high quality and lasting furniture.