Environmental Concern:


At EcoSelect, we strive to be environmentally friendly to the planet in both manufacturing and shipping. We’re environmentally friendly in your home too, and don’t use plywood with formaldehyde adhesives. We also don’t use synthetic fabrics or leather substitutes that give off harmful emissions.

EcoSelect Furniture has partnered with a North Carolina manufacturer who’s spent the last 16 years perfecting eco-friendly practices and policies.

  • All our leather comes from one source that is ISO 14001 certified, which means we don’t use harsh chemicals or metals in the tanning process, and all waste is either recycled or disposed of properly.
  • All our fabric is hemp – the most environmentally friendly raw material for fabric – and it comes from one supplier who buys from small family farms.
  • It is brought to the US in bulk as raw hemp to minimize the carbon impact of shipping.
  • It is processed here using vegetable-based (not petroleum-based) dyes, and spun into fabric here to minimize the environmental impact of the process.

Unlike other retailers and on-line sellers, we have only one supplier of products, one supplier of leather, and one supplier of fabric. This allows us to monitor performance and to be more important to the suppliers so we get the best price and service for you.



Mr. Fonville, the President of EcoSelect Furniture has successfully completed an intensive course in sustainable home furnishings, and is certified as an accredited professional by the Sustainable Furniture Council. The SFC is the leading standards and education provider in green residential home furnishings.




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