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Comfort furniture


Each order is made for you, and takes from 7-8 weeks to complete. The variables are the number of orders in the queue, the availability of the leather or fabric from our supplier, and the backlog at our foam supplier. While we have commitments from our suppliers for inventory, they must cope with business conditions as well.

Custom Options:

We offer 4 foot styles that you can select from at no charge. The “standard” foot is the one shown on the photograph of each item. This is the foot that our designer selected as the most appropriate, but if you prefer another foot style to complement your decorating or other items in your room—select your favorite and we will apply it to your order.

Other Custom Options

(There is an extra cost associated with making these changes)

Leather or Fabric options:

If you would like a specific color leather or fabric that we don’t offer, send us a swatch or photograph and we will attempt to match it for you. There may be an additional charge for this if we have to order the leather or fabric that is not normally carried by our preferred and certified leather or fabric supplier. We will provide you a swatch and a quote before accepting your order.

Size options:

Most furniture is made to sizes and dimensions that have evolved over time to accommodate the “average” person. That practice is also reinforced by retailers who only want to carry one product in each style to minimize their inventory and maximize their display space. At EcoSelect Furniture, because we make each piece of furniture to your order and because there is no retail space to fill and no inventory to manage, we can make adjustments that insure your chair will fit you. We offer a number of sizes in our line but any chair or sofa can be ordered to special dimensions. If you have short legs and torso, we will lower the seat of your item by 2” and shorten the depth of the seat by 2” from the standard 22”. If you have long legs and torso we can add an additional two inches to the seat and height. If you need extra width in the seat we will gladly do that for you as well.

Remember, there is an extra cost associated with making these last two changes, but when considered over the time you will have and enjoy your chair or sofa, it’s a small price to pay. Contact us for more specific information regarding your needs.





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