How to Judge Quality:

Value Furniture You probably don’t buy furniture that often, and it can be difficult to judge quality just by looking at it.

At EcoSelect, we practice traditional methods of manufacturing that have been proven by many years of trail and error to become the “gold standard” for strength and longevity when working with traditional materials. For example, we use coil springs – just like they do in high quality mattresses – instead of sinuous springs, under the seat cushions. These springs are eight-way-hand-tied, which means that each spring is tied to the other springs and the frame in eight directions, so it cannot move sideways in any direction, and your weight will always be centered over the spring for enhanced comfort that will last.

The wood we use is always a hard wood (like Maple or Poplar) which has great strength, and is harvested locally from sustainable forest. Then we kiln-dry the hardwood for the frames, which far outlasts other woods used in furniture. The frame components are held together with grooved dowels that provide an excellent gluing surface, and we use screws (not staples) to hold the frame together while the glue cures for a true and strong fit.

Most importantly, we NEVER use plywood in our frames, so you know that inside and out, you’re furniture is of the highest-made quality materials.




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