How to Determine Value:

furnitureMuch of what will make a piece of furniture last and perform is not always evident just by looking at it. Even so-called “national brands” are now mostly made in Asia, where several brands might even buy from the same factory! That’s like paying for clothes from a high-end retail designer, only to find out those same clothes can be bought at a discount chain under a different label. Don’t be fooled by a brand name. It pays to understand where and how your furniture is made.

You also have to take in account the mark-up retailers pass to you for the high cost of shipping, packaging, customs duties and payment terms that come when dealing with Asia. Why pay the same price for a brand name that’s been made overseas? For the same price, you’ll receive better quality because every piece of EcoSelect Furniture is made, packaged and shipped right here in the U.S.A.

Also, you’ll be purchasing a quality piece of furniture from me—after 30 years of manufacturing and marketing in the furniture industry, I’ve learned how to judge quality, what goes in to making a product that performs and lasts, and how to separate fact from fiction in the products and processes that go in to fine furniture. I want to share that knowledge with you so that you will purchase a product that will perform as you expect, give you many years of good service, hold up to use, be made with the care and concerns that meet your specific needs, and provide the style and comfort that are the reasons you are making this important purchase.

We don’t “stock” furniture in a warehouse—this means you will have to wait a little longer for your order, but when you think about how long you will own and enjoy your furniture—the wait is not so long.  The wait means we are making a piece just for you, just how you like it and you don’t have to settle for what is “available” in stock.




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