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Questions Regarding our Eco-Friendly Policies

Read More About our Leather and Hemp Fabric

Questions Regarding Leather and Hemp Care

Questions Regarding Payment and Orders

Questions Regarding Shipping

Other Questions



Questions About our Eco-Friendly Policies

  • How do you know your leather and fabric is environmentally friendly?

We have certification from our leather suppliers and monitor them periodically to insure that the leathers supplied to us meet the criteria we specified and they agreed to. Click here to learn more.

Our Hemp fabric supplier has also provided certification that the processing of the hemp is done in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, hemp is widely known as a more environmentally friendly product than cotton since it requires much less fertilizer and virtually no herbicides and pesticides. It also takes much less water per acre than cotton. It grows in a much wider climate range making it desirable as a crop for small farmers in developing countries.

  • What other components are environmentally friendly?

Our frames are made from locally grown solid maple and poplar wood—no plywood is used. That reduces the impact of transportation, and all wood is from lumber mills that follow environmental practices and purchase from suppliers with sustainable forestry practices, none from National forests.

We also use a foam product called Biofoam that is 20% soy based material. As the foam suppliers learn to increase that amount, we will adopt that enhanced product. Click here to learn more.

  • What about your packaging?

We use recycled cardboard for our packaging and strive to minimize the amount of packaging consistent with effective protection of your chair while in transit.  The fact that our factory is located in North Carolina, means that the transportation impact is much less than the furniture made in Asia, or even furniture that is assembled locally from components sourced in Asia.

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About our Leather and Hemp Fabric

About our Leather

1.     All EcoSelect leather is semi-aniline dyed top grain leather from ISO 14001 (since 2001) certified tannery. ISO 14001 is the international specification for environmental management systems.

a.     Tannery recycles all liquids used in processes

b.     Byproducts transformed into compost, brick additives, and organic fertilizer for local farming

c.     Training program for all employees in environmental consciousness

d.     Bio-diesel used in facility trucks and tannery has moved to Natural Gas from oil and coal for cleaner electricity generation. Also participates in co-generation of electricity for public utility.

e.     Major supplier to BMW automobiles and Hawker-Beechcraft business jets worldwide.

2.     All EcoSelect leathers are “micro-pigmented”.  The aniline dyed hide has a very light layer of pigment applied to the surface. This process makes the hides more color consistent, yet maintains a very soft “hand” and allows some of the natural range marks to remain.

3.     None of the EcoSelect leathers are “splits” (the underside of the hide), none are embossed to enhance the grain as is typically done with splits (only the natural grain characteristics of the top layer are permitted in our leather), none of our products are “leather match” which means that some parts of the piece are actually covered in polyurethane rather than leather.

About our Hemp Fabric

Hemp is the new “natural” miracle fiber.  Though it has been cultivated since antiquity!

  • One acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as two to three acres of cotton.
  • Hemp is frost tolerant and grows in a much greater climate range than cotton.
  • Hemp requires less water than cotton to thrive.
  • Hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides and only moderate amounts of fertilizer

Hemp is grown internationally by subsistence farmers in many countries.  Harvested by hand, it can be processed for the fiber in the traditional way by soaking in water filled pits, but more often is sold to commercial processors who harvest the fiber using a steam and mechanical process that is much more environmentally-friendly than the chemical process used to harvest bamboo fibers.

Hemp fabric is naturally soil resistant and when dyed with vegetable dyes, is color fast when exposed to water—the best cleaning regime is to vacuum periodically and wipe with a dampened soft cloth—and we recommend trying any cleaning product you plan to use on an inconspicuous area before using in greater quantity.

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Questions About Leather and Hemp Fabric Care

  • How do I care for my leather furniture?

Leather has three primary concerns: sunlight, heat, and dust.

Because our leathers are aniline dyed, sunlight will affect the color over time.  The leather we offer is more resistant to fading, but they are not immune. Care should be taken in the placement of furniture to avoid direct sunlight.

Regular exposure to heat sources and air vents can dry the leather and make it vulnerable to cracking, so make sure to keep furniture away from fireplaces and other sources of heat.  In the same way that hardwood floors contract and expand in reaction to temperature and moisture conditions, our leathers will also shrink and stretch from time to time.  We upholster our furniture tightly to minimize this effect.  Again, this is normal and simply reflects the natural origins of the leather.

NOTE: The only regular maintenance required for your leather is to keep it free of dust, which acts as an abrasive on the leather. Simply vacuum the piece or wipe it with a barely damp, clean cloth to remove any surface dust.  Please do not use soaps or other chemicals on your furniture. If you must use a product, make sure to test it in an inconspicuous place.  Apply the product, and allow it to dry.  Then, test with a clean soft cloth to see if any color or topcoat rubs away. If so, do not use the product on your furniture. If the product distorts or affects the appearance of the test area in any way, do not use the product. We assume no responsibility or liability for any product used on the furniture whether endorsed or supplied by EcoSelect or not.

  • How do I care for my hemp fabric items?

Clean your fabric item much as you would any natural fiber such as cotton or wool. Hemp is naturally soil repellent and anti-microbial.  It is also significantly more durable than cotton.  Gentle cleaning agents such as “Woolite” brand soap can be used sparingly to clean a spot or the entire piece.  We have been told that home drycleaning materials can be used successfully for deeper cleaning, but we make no representation about them and suggest testing on an inconspicuous spot before use on the entire piece. We can assume no liability for any cleaning product used on your item, even if endorsed or provided by EcoSelect.

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Questions About Payments and Orders

  • How can I be sure my credit card information is safe?

We use Authorize.Net, which uses the most up-to-date security measures
when transmitting your credit card information. All personal information
sent between the credit card processor and the bank is encrypted. Everything
passed between you and us cannot be read by anyone in the unlikely event of
the information being intercepted.

If you are still uncomfortable, check that the web address you are sending
your credit card information to starts with https:// to insure that the data
is safe.

  • Do you have a minimum order?

No. We accept orders both small and large.

  • How long does it take to complete my furniture order?

Our normal manufacturing time is 4-6 weeks, earlier if possible. Many times we are able to expedite an order or accommodate a specific request.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special need.

  • Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is in production, it may not be cancelled. Please “contact us”  to check the status of your order Custom orders in which a frame or pattern has been modified are non-cancellable once they are accepted.

  • Can I change my order?

Approval is required for any change in your order. While we do our best to accommodate any changes, approval is subject to the production process for the piece and is not guaranteed.  Needless to say, please “contact us” about any potential changes as soon as possible.

  • What is your payment policy?

We accept cash, check or money orders/cashier’s checks as well as the following charge cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. To enter an order, we require a 50 % deposit. When using a charge card, the deposit is applied to your account the day your order is placed. The balance plus shipping costs is due when your order is near completion, prior to shipment.  We do not ship C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery).

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Questions About Shipping

  • How is my order shipped?

For in-home deliveries, our furniture is wrapped in foam and shrink-wrapped to prevent damage to the fabric or leather.  For common carrier deliveries, our furniture is automatically placed on a corrugated tray and/or cartoned in order to best protect your furniture in transit, and to minimize the packing materials and waste.

  • Who pays the delivery charges?

They are in addition to the cost of the furniture you order. Click here to see shipping fees.

  • What if there is damage when my furniture arrives?

EcoSelect Furniture’s  team of skilled craftspeople carefully and thoroughly inspects each piece of furniture prior to preparing it for shipment. Damage is rare. However, for your protection, you must note damage on the freight bill at time of delivery. If damage is concealed, notify the carrier immediately upon discovery. Request an inspection and file a claim with the shipping company.  Freight damage is the responsibility of the shipping company. We will be glad to provide materials or help, but we are not liable or responsible in any way for freight damage and/or repair.

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Other Questions


  • Do you build custom frames?

Yes. We make our own frames so we greet special sizes and funky styles with excitement!  We have the ability to customize your frame to you if you need lower or higher seat height, wider or narrower seat, different sofa or Loveseat length to fit your space.  For detailed information, please contact usand ask for your special need. We will respond with what we can do and what the cost and production time required would be.

  • What types of options do you offer?

The standard option we offer is to change the feet on the pieces. In addition, casters can be specified for the ottoman at an additional charge instead of the feet. If you have a special request for some other option like nail head trim or welts—just “contact us” for a detailed response.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, springs, and workmanship to the original purchaser. The warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects as well as normal wear and tear on these parts.  Excessive wear or abuse, acts of God, or damage by unforeseeable events (i.e. fire, moving damage, mildew, water damage, etc.) will not be covered by our warranty.

  • How can I tell the size or measurements of an item?

The dimensions we display on the website are approximate. Each piece is hand crafted and therefore actual dimensions may vary up to two inches.  If you require the dimensions on your furniture to be precise, you must specify this when you order.

  • Do you offer sleepers, recliners and theater seating?

Not as a normal thing—but our facility has the ability to make these items—so “contact us” with a request and we will look at it carefully with a view to trying to accommodate your request

  • What kind of leather do you offer?

EcoSelect has chosen only the finest upholstery grade leathers for our line of fine furnishings. Each leather is a top grain, semi-aniline dyed hide that provides the ultimate in durability, comfort and good looks. It will gain a rich patina over time and will have the unique marks of a natural product that has been carefully and environmentally sensitively processed for maximum beauty and durability.

  • What is the best way to select leather?

Understanding the natural characteristics of leather and what you want is essential. Leather is a natural product…and as such will have visible hallmarks from life on the range—bug bites, barbed wire nicks, fat wrinkles, healed scars and skin blemishes. While our extraordinary markers and cutters do everything possible to leave the extremely noticeable markings out, there will inevitably be a few showing on your furniture.

These natural markings and color variations are not flaws, but a true testimony to the individual beauty of each hide.  We will not bring a piece back to our factory because of natural markings. Keep in mind that dye lots will vary, sometimes greatly, so if color matching is a concern, you should order all the pieces you think you will want at the same time.

  • Can I purchase leather from you?

Leather may be purchased by the whole hide, on a square foot basis.  The order will be based on a single hide averaging 50 square feet. Once the leather has been received and the actual square footage calculated, you will be given a final total price for your hide. The cost is $7.50 per square foot based on the calculation of our supplier who measures the hide. Shipping charges will be in addition to the hide cost.

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Please contact us, and we will be very happy to help you.



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