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Our Friendly Payment Policy

  • How can I be sure my credit card information is safe?
We use Authorize.Net, which uses the most up-to-date security measures when transmitting your credit card information. All personal information sent between the credit card processor and the bank is encrypted. Everything passed between you and us cannot be read by anyone in the unlikely event of the information being intercepted. If you are still uncomfortable, check that the web address you are sending your credit card information to starts with "https://" to insure that the data is safe.

  • Do you have a minimum order?
No. We accept orders both small and large. Shipping rates on orders less than 200 pounds (lbs), are charged a flat rate. Orders more than 200 pounds are charged at cost (per pound).

  • How long does it take to complete my furniture order?
Our normal manufacturing time is 4-6 weeks, earlier if possible. Many times we are able to expedite an order or accommodate a specific request. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special need.

  • Can I cancel my order?
Once an order is in production, it may not be cancelled. Production may take a few days to begin. Please contact us to check the status of your order. Custom orders in which a frame or pattern has been modified are non-cancellable once they are accepted.

  • Can I change my order?
Approval is required for any change in your order. While we do our best to accommodate any changes, approval is subject to the production process for the piece and is not guaranteed. Needless to say, please contact us about any potential changes as soon as possible.

  • What is your payment policy?
To begin making your eco-friendly furniture, we require only a 50% deposit. We accept the following charge cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. When using a charge card, the deposit is applied to your account the day your order is placed. The other half is due prior to delivering the furniture to your home. Manufacture picture of completed item(s) will be sent to email address provided before delivery. We do not ship C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery).

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