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Natural non-toxic furniture

  • Eco-friendly hemp fabric
Hemp is the new “natural” miracle fiber, though it has been cultivated since antiquity! EcoSelect is proud to offer hemp fabrics in 6 colors, and 6 correlating leather colors.

One acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as two to three acres of cotton. Hemp is frost tolerant and grows in a much greater climate range than cotton. It requires less water than cotton to thrive, and no pesticides or herbicides; only moderate amounts of (natural) fertilizer is needed. Hemp is grown internationally by subsistence farmers in many countries. Harvested by hand, it can be processed for the fiber in the traditional way by soaking in water filled pits, but more often is sold to commercial processors who harvest the fiber using a steam and mechanical process that is much more environmentally-friendly than the chemical process used to harvest bamboo fibers.

Hemp fabric is naturally soil resistant and when dyed with vegetable dyes, is colorfast when exposed to water. The best cleaning regime is to vacuum periodically and wipe with a dampened soft cloth. We recommend trying any cleaning product you plan to use on an inconspicuous area before using in greater quantity.

  • Certified leather
All EcoSelect leather is semi-aniline dyed top grain leather from ISO 14001 (since 2001) certified tannery. ISO 14001 is the international specification for environmental management systems.

  • Tannery recycles all liquids used in processes
  • Byproducts transformed into compost, brick additives, and organic fertilizer for local farming
  • Training program for all employees in environmental consciousness
  • Bio-diesel used in facility trucks and tannery has moved to Natural Gas from oil and coal for cleaner electricity generation. Also participates in co-generation of electricity for public utility.
  • Major supplier to BMW automobiles and Hawker-Beechcraft business jets worldwide.
All EcoSelect leathers are “micro-pigmented.” The aniline dyed hide has a very light layer of pigment applied to the surface. This process makes the hides more color consistent, yet maintains a very soft “hand” and allows some of the natural range marks to remain.
None of the EcoSelect leathers are “splits” (the underside of the hide), none are embossed to enhance the grain as is typically done with splits (only the natural grain characteristics of the top layer are permitted in our leather), none of our products are “leather match” which means that some parts of the piece are actually covered in polyurethane rather than leather.

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