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Product Care

  • How do I care for my leather furniture?
Leather has three primary concerns: sunlight, heat, and dust. Because our leathers are aniline dyed, sunlight will affect the color over time. The leather we offer is more resistant to fading, but they are not immune. Care should be taken in the placement of furniture to avoid direct sunlight. Regular exposure to heat sources and air vents can dry the leather and make it vulnerable to cracking, so make sure to keep furniture away from fireplaces and other sources of heat. In the same way that hardwood floors contract and expand in reaction to temperature and moisture conditions, our leathers will also shrink and stretch from time to time. We upholster our furniture tightly to minimize this effect. Again, this is normal and simply reflects the natural origins of the leather.

NOTE: The only regular maintenance required for your leather is to keep it free of dust, which acts as an abrasive on the leather. Simply vacuum the piece or wipe it with a barely damp, clean cloth to remove any surface dust. Please do not use soaps or other chemicals on your furniture. If you must use a product, make sure to test it in an inconspicuous place. Apply the product, and allow it to dry. Then, test with a clean soft cloth to see if any color or topcoat rubs away. If so, do not use the product on your furniture. If the product distorts or affects the appearance of the test area in any way, do not use the product. We assume no responsibility or liability for any product used on the furniture whether endorsed or supplied by EcoSelect or not.

  • How do I care for my hemp fabric items?
Clean your fabric item much as you would any natural fiber such as cotton or wool. Hemp is naturally soil repellent and anti-microbial. It is also significantly more durable than cotton. Gentle cleaning agents such as “Woolite” brand soap can be used sparingly to clean a spot or the entire piece. We have been told that home dry cleaning materials can be used successfully for deeper cleaning, but we make no representation about them and suggest testing on an inconspicuous spot before use on the entire piece.We can assume no liability for any cleaning product used on your item, even if endorsed or provided by EcoSelect.