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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you build custom frames?
Yes. We make our own frames so we greet special sizes and funky styles with excitement! We have the ability to customize your frame to you if you need lower or higher seat height, wider or narrower seat, different sofa or Loveseat length to fit your space. For detailed information, please contact us and ask for your special need. We will respond with what we can do and what the cost and production time required would be.
  • What types of options do you offer?
The standard option we offer is to change the feet on the pieces. In addition, casters can be specified for the ottoman at an additional charge instead of the feet. If you have a special request for some other option like nail head trim or welts, just contact us for a detailed response.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, springs, and workmanship to the original purchaser. The warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects as well as normal wear and tear on these parts. Excessive wear or abuse, acts of God, or damage by unforeseeable events (i.e. fire, moving damage, mildew, water damage, etc.) will not be covered by our warranty.
  • How can I tell the size or measurements of an item?
The dimensions we display on the website are approximate. Each piece is hand crafted and therefore actual dimensions may vary up to two inches. If you require the dimensions on your furniture to be precise, you must specify this when you order.
  • Do you offer sleepers, recliners and theater seating?
Not as a normal thing—but our facility has the ability to make these items—so “contact us” with a request and we will look at it carefully with a view to trying to accommodate your request
  • What kind of leather do you offer?
EcoSelect has chosen only the finest upholstery grade leathers for our line of fine furnishings. Each leather is a top grain, semi-aniline dyed hide that provides the ultimate in durability, comfort and good looks. It will gain a rich patina over time and will have the unique marks of a natural product that has been carefully and environmentally sensitively processed for maximum beauty and durability.
  • What is the best way to select leather?
Understanding the natural characteristics of leather and what you want is essential. Leather is a natural product…and as such will have visible hallmarks from life on the range—bug bites, barbed wire nicks, fat wrinkles, healed scars and skin blemishes. While our extraordinary markers and cutters do everything possible to leave the extremely noticeable markings out, there will inevitably be a few showing on your furniture.
These natural markings and color variations are not flaws, but a true testimony to the individual beauty of each hide. We will not bring a piece back to our factory because of natural markings. Keep in mind that dye lots will vary, sometimes greatly, so if color matching is a concern, you should order all the pieces you think you will want at the same time.
  • Can I purchase leather from you?
Leather may be purchased by the whole hide, on a square foot basis. The order will be based on a single hide averaging 50 square feet. Once the leather has been received and the actual square footage calculated, you will be given a final total price for your hide. The cost is $7.50 per square foot based on the calculation of our supplier who measures the hide. Shipping charges will be in addition to the hide cost.